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Originally built for the first Sheriff of Devon; the Langford Court estate is listed in the Domesday Book, the first survey of land ordered by William the Conquerer in 1086.  Now run as a family farm, Langford Court South is occupied by the fourth generation of the Chattey family - Mark, Cynthia, and their children Evelyn and Frances.

The family have a great love for conservation and nature, having devoted the last 20 years to rewilding parts of the farm.  Large swathes of farmland have been fenced off, creating a dedicated conservation area stretching the length of the farm. This ‘Conservation Corridor’ is filled with ponds, marshland, wild grasses and flowers, where all manner of wildlife thrives.


Our family welcomes your family!
Floyd watching over his flock.
Langford Court
Up, up, and away!
Not your average family farm..
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