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With advance notice, we're happy to take your family on a fabulous Farm Safari. Hop into our 'mule' with Farmer Mark and enjoy a customised tour of the land.  Learn the history of Langford, visit our friendly cows, and explore over 300 acres of gorgeous land bursting with an array of life on the ground, in the water and flying above.   


The family have a great love for conservation and nature, having devoted the last 20 years to rewilding parts of the farm.  Large swathes of farmland have been fenced off, creating a dedicated conservation area stretching the length of the farm. This ‘Conservation Corridor’ is filled with ponds, marshland, wild grasses and flowers, where all manner of wildlife thrives.

Kingfisher are seen on a regular basis. Buzzards and sparrow hawks are frequently spotted, and we are very happy to host kestrels and peregrine falcons as well. 


Langford boasts breeding barn owls, tawny and little owls, and four species of deer (fallow, red, roe and sika). 

There are eleven lakes across the farm, six of which are well stocked with fish (common carp, mirror carp, and ghost carp, green and golden tench, and bream) and two dedicated to wildfowl (coots, moorhen, dabchicks, mallard, teal, widgeon, and even nesting tufted duck) along with swans and Canadian geese.

Visiting the babies
A ride in the mule
Views of the wetlands project
Checking the cows
We found a young fallow fawn!
The Alders
Barn owls nesting at Langford Court Sout
Tight lines
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